Insulation category of power adapter

Issue Time:2019-05-10
Functional Insulation: The purpose of functional insulation is to maintain the product's normal operation and does not have any safety functions. Such insulation is typically used between two conductors in the same line, ie, parts that do not have safety isolation requirements. For example, the green oil on the PWB, the plastic casing of the electrolytic capacitor is functional insulation.

Basic Insulation: The purpose of basic insulation is to provide a basic protection against electric shock to avoid the risk of electric shock. However, such insulation can only guarantee safety under normal conditions, but it cannot guarantee the safety of transient voltage. In other words, when transient voltages occur, the basic insulation may collapse.

Supplementary Insulation: In addition to the basic insulation, additional insulation is provided to provide another layer of insulation when the basic insulation fails. In general, the requirements for supplemental insulation are the same as the basic insulation, so the roles between the two are interchangeable. For example, a cable has two layers of insulation. We can say that the inner layer is the basic insulation and the outer layer is the supplementary insulation. On the other hand, it is also possible.

One thing we must pay attention to is that supplemental insulation must be established in the presence of basic insulation.

Double Insulation: This refers to insulation that includes both basic and supplementary insulation. This insulation provides adequate safety and protection against electric shock as long as the location is correct.

Reinforce Insulation: It provides the same degree of insulation as double insulation, but it differs from double insulation in that it is not easily divided into basic insulation and supplementary insulation. It may be an integrally formed spacer, or Insulation consisting of many spacers.

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