Power adapter temperature performance introduction

Issue Time:2019-05-10
The temperature resistance and fire performance of the power adapter are not only directly related to the reliability and service life of the power adapter, but also directly related to the degree of fire risk, which is related to the safety of the user's life and property.

The heat source of the power adapter is mainly Schottky rectifier diode, high frequency switching transformer, power MOS tube, filtered electrolytic capacitor, wherein the temperature rise of the power MOS tube, the high frequency transformer and the rectified Schottky diode is prominent. In order to prevent the power adapter from being damaged due to overheating, designing the power adapter requires not only the use of electronic components with high temperature characteristics, but also the design of printed PCB boards, heat sinks, high-frequency transformers, etc., and the need for overheat protection. These are the conditions that must be met to ensure safety.

In order to suppress the temperature rise of the power adapter, in addition to the power MOS tube with small leakage current and short storage time, it is necessary to add a heat sink to the power MOS tube. It turns out that after the MOS tube is equipped with a heat sink, the stability of the power adapter will be greatly improved, and the loss rate will be significantly reduced. The function of the electronic switch overheat protection is to cut off the AC input line of the power adapter or forcibly turn off the modulation pulse output and stop the high frequency oscillation before the temperature of the component or the power supply case in the power adapter exceeds the specified limit.

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