The difference between the original power adapter and the non-original

Issue Time:2019-05-10
In the process of using the power adapter, I believe people have heard that the original power supply is better than the original. So why is the original power supply better than non-original? This article will discuss this issue for everyone and try to give an answer.

On the original power supply is relatively better, in fact, users may not feel the difference. The normal load allows the input voltage to have a safe range, such as the nominal value plus or minus 5%. One example is that the input requirement of many 2.5-inch hard drives is 5v plus or minus 5%. The same is true for notebooks. If the input voltage is too large or too small, the protection circuit will be activated and the operation will stop. However, before the protection circuit operates, the internal voltage regulator circuit of the notebook has been biased to the upper or lower working limit, which in principle has a certain impact on the life of the device.

However, according to today's point of view, the reliability of electronic components has been quite good, as long as it is within the design range, there will be very few problems, and the life expectancy will not be shorter than the life of the notebook, so this is not the main problem. The more important problem may be the data security of the notebook. Sudden automatic protection and stop working is a terrible thing for the computer, especially many friends who do not use the battery. Sometimes the computer's inexplicable restart is also related to this. For the original power supply, the manufacturer knows what kind of load to access, so it is easy to calculate the nominal voltage and nominal current of the power supply, that is, the nominal voltage of the power supply should meet the following two conditions, which is a large current. When outputting, the nominal voltage minus the voltage drop of the power supply itself should be greater than 95% of the voltage required by the load. The second is that the design voltage minus the voltage drop of the power supply should be less than 105% of the voltage required by the load when the small current is output. However, if you are using a non-original adapter, such as a general-purpose transformer.

The above problems can not be seriously considered, this is the user can only get the compatibility from the power supply parameters, but the internal resistance of each adapter is different, the allowable error of the nominal voltage may be different, the voltage of the nominal current output The definition of the range of variation may also be different. Even if the output ripple factor is not small enough, if the relationship between the output power and the output voltage is not carefully measured, there is a certain risk in principle, but the risk is small. Because as long as you choose a power supply with a large enough nominal current, there will be no problem of excessive internal resistance. The ripple factor can also be reduced by the internal voltage regulation of the notebook. Therefore, the original power adapter is usually better than the non-original power supply. This is the difference between the original power supply and the normal power supply.

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