What are the power adapter protection circuits?

Issue Time:2019-05-10
The reliability of the power adapter is inseparable from the protection circuit. What protection circuits are usually there?

1. Input undervoltage and overvoltage are very common, sampling the AC signal.

2. Output over-voltage protection, once the power switch can lock the machine, it will also help the reliability of the power supply.

3. Over-current protection, some use constant current for over-current, and some use limited power to do over-current. Of course, it can also be locked by machine. The purpose is a reliability and there are many methods. Reliable protection must be locked rather than snoring!

4. Over-temperature protection, using thermal detection on the transformer or ambient temperature, etc., to feedback to the IC lock machine or snoring.

5. Short circuit protection, short circuit can be snoring, also can lock the machine.

These are commonly used in general power supplies, and some can be said to be necessary protection circuits. Therefore, optimistic about the specification book to select the appropriate IC to protect the circuit more convenient protection circuit. I used a LD7522 to do the flyback, these functions can be very good, can be made simply and completely.

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