Standard for qualified power adapters

Issue Time:2019-05-10
To determine the quality of a power charger, first check if it has passed the necessary safety certification.

1. Generally speaking, the more certified the product, the more reliable the quality of the power adapter. The power supplies currently sold in the market must be sold after the mandatory 3C certification system. The existing 3C certificates have four versions: CCC (S) safety certification, CCC (SE) safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification, CCC (EMC) electromagnetic compatibility certification, CCC (F) fire certification. Among them, CCC(S) only represents the passing of safety standards.

2, in addition to 3C certification, in some advanced power supply will also see the UL certification mark, it is one of the current strict certification, the power supply in the structure, materials, test equipment and methods have restrictions. Some high quality power supplies are also FCC certified, which is a certification for electromagnetic interference. An FCC-certified power supply shields electromagnetic interference generated during operation to eliminate damage to the human body.

Second: the circuit that needs to be added to improve safety and stability.

1. Lightning protection circuit: When the mains generates high pulse voltage due to lightning strike or other factors, it will damage the equipment on the circuit. The function of the power supply lightning protection device releases a large amount of pulse energy generated by the induced lightning strike on the circuit to the safety ground in a short time, thereby protecting the user equipment on the circuit. This is the core function of the lightning protection device.

2, EMI filter circuit: EMI filter circuit is mainly used to filter the high frequency pulse of the power grid to the power supply interference, but also to reduce the electromagnetic interference of the switching power supply itself to the outside, EMI is an important content of CCC certification.

3. PFC circuit: “Power factor correction” is mainly used to characterize the utilization efficiency of electronic products for electric energy. The higher the power factor, the higher the utilization efficiency of electric energy. PCC circuits must be added to CCC-certified computer power supplies to reduce the risk of reduced line power factor.

The quality indicators of the power adapter should be judged on the principle of safety and reliability. Under the condition that the electrical technical indicators meet the requirements of normal use, in order to make the power supply work safely and reliably under harsh environment and sudden failure, a variety of protection circuits must be designed.

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