What kind of glue is used for the power adapter glue and glue?

Issue Time:2019-05-11
What kind of glue does the power adapter use for glue and glue? It doesn't matter if it is not clear. Let's take a look at it by Shenzhen Lianyunda Xiaobian.

1. Epoxy resin: I think it is not suitable for potting the adapter, mainly because of large shrinkage stress and poor thermal conductivity. It may strain components, pads, or change the air gap. In addition, if the curing is not complete, it may be locally conductive. Poor thermal conductivity is like putting a piece of quilt on the component and stuffing it inside. Practice has proved that the defect rate after filling is high, and the more the power supply is broken.

2, organic silica gel, a lot of used. Good thermal conductivity, water resistance, etc. are good, and the flexible potting glue will not strain the components. It is only very expensive and because it is very expensive, it is important that the products supplied are consistent with the testing and certification.

3, polyurethane, this one is not familiar with and dare not rumor. But I heard that toxic is yet to be verified.

4, hot melt vinyl, this category of rubber is a petrochemical substrate. Solid state at room temperature, potting is heated to 130-160 liquefaction and directly potting, is a one-component flexible glue.

Reasons for choosing Shenzhen Intermodal Power Adapter:

8-layer intelligent protection, 360° safe power supply

1. Overvoltage protection to prevent excessive voltage;

2. Overcurrent protection, automatic protection when the current is too large;

3. The temperature is abnormally protected to prevent the adapter temperature from being too high;

4, over power protection to prevent adapter power overload;

5, lightning protection, to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes;

6, electromagnetic field protection, not affected by external electromagnetic;

7, short circuit protection, automatic protection when short circuit occurs;

8, static protection, not affected by static electricity.

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