What should I do if the power adapter indicator blinks?

Issue Time:2019-05-11
The power adapter indicator blinks and is tested in the following ways:

1. Use a multimeter to check if the socket is normal and the power supply voltage is 220V. If the mains voltage is not normal, it is recommended to replace the environment test.

2. Use a multimeter to check if the output voltage and current of the power adapter match the marked ones. If the gap is very large and the mains voltage is normal, you can judge that the power adapter is faulty and you need to replace the notebook power adapter.

3. If the above check is normal, remove the laptop battery and do not connect the adapter. Press and hold the notebook power button for 5 seconds to repeat 3 times. After releasing the residual charge of the notebook, insert the power adapter separately and power on the test.

4. If the fault persists, check the notebook's power connector for abnormality. For example, loose or damaged appearance.

5, the above checks are normal, basically can be initially judged to be a notebook motherboard failure. It is recommended to send the service station.

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