How to test the input current of the power adapter

Issue Time:2019-05-11
The output is greater than 3.42 amps, but the voltage should be controlled. There is no power supply circuit and the voltage adapts to a wide range. However, if you have high requirements, you should pay attention to the voltage. If you burn out, you should consider buying a high power. Is the output current is large, generally the power of the electrical appliance is too large, the secondary current is too large, causing the primary current to be large, it will burn, especially for a long time, the heat dissipation is not good, the selenium steel is not tight enough, the eddy current causes the hair If the heat is increased, you can also see if the electrical design is reasonable.

Generally, the power supply is not measured by this parameter. The reason why they write this parameter on the label is because of the safety certification requirements. The input current is tested over all input voltage ranges (some are 100-240V, strictly 85-265V) and the input current cannot be greater than the nominal value.

It is impossible to sit the power factor with a small power, and the normal value is about 0.5. Only the power factor of 100W or more is required.

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