Electronic components network procurement is fast, quality is critical

Issue Time:2019-05-14
According to the observation and understanding of the market by Lianyunda power adapter manufacturers, it is found that in the past two years, the components and e-commerce are very popular, and various types of platforms are emerging one after another. Many distributors have also joined the market of component e-commerce, in order to further compete for the market. Component e-commerce has become a hot topic in the electronics field. However, by 2018, whether the market is a "bubble" or a "cheese" seems to have initial signs.

In fact, there is a certain advantage in the online procurement comparison of components. For example, the online transaction price is transparent, the purchaser can shop around, and some component distributors also display the inventory status immediately, and also let the customer purchase, It can reasonably avoid out-of-stocks, out of stock, etc.; through the Internet, it can reasonably expand the breadth of contacts with customers, and make up for the shortage of offline contact customers. Third, with the continuous upgrading of the electronics industry, enterprises are products. There are more and more immediate needs, and the traditional approach is not enough to meet such needs.

One of the best ways to get involved in online procurement is undoubtedly small-volume purchase of components. At present, China is in a semi-vacuum zone for small batch distribution. On the one hand, foreign companies are eyeing. On the one hand, domestic companies are groping forward. Although Internet procurement has the advantages of fast speed and cheaper price, quality and reliability are still the most important factors for manufacturers of power adapters.

Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. has not chosen to purchase components from the Internet. It has stable and reliable offline supply channels. Compared with some small-scale power adapter manufacturers, Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics has relative brand advantages and scale advantages. Quality and price are also more secure.

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