Sales of forged certification power adapters

Issue Time:2019-05-14
With the development of social economy, some counterfeit and shoddy products have appeared on the market. The practice of counterfeiting and selling fakes seriously affects the market operation order, which not only damages the interests of enterprises, but also hinders their healthy development, and also affects the quality of life and life safety of the people.

For a long time, Nanhai Public Security has always maintained a high-pressure situation of infringement of intellectual property rights, actively mobilized the masses and enterprises to report, through daily media exposure to increase daily supervision, highlighting daily supervision and special rectification, and better safeguarding fair competition. The market environment escorts the healthy development of the company.

On May 31, with the assistance of the superior business department of the Nanhai Branch Guicheng Police Station, a counterfeit registered trademark case was cracked, three fake dens and one fake dens were destroyed, 10 suspects were arrested, and a counterfeit power adapter was seized. Nearly 10,000, the value involved is about 800,000 yuan.

On May 15th, the Guicheng Police Station received an IPO company from Guangzhou and reported that a technology company in Guangdong had survived and sold a counterfeit power adapter and forged a US company certification.

After receiving the report, the Guicheng police station immediately launched investigations. After half a month of careful handling, I finally grasped the basic situation of the company's fake sales. The company is headquartered in Huangpu, and has three fake dens in the vicinity. The counterfeit power adapters produced are mainly sold through its direct store in a computer city in Shipaiqiao, Guangzhou, and an e-commerce platform.

On May 31, with the assistance of the superior business department, Guicheng Police Station teamed up with the stacking and Qiandenghu community police squadrons to conduct network-receiving operations, one at the first floor of a computer city in Shipaiqiao, Guangzhou. Nanhai District Huangqi Bi Chong Industrial Zone No. 6 3rd Floor Warehouse and 7B8 Floor Guangdong Technology Co., Ltd. arrested 10 suspects including Zhang Mouqin and seized nearly 10,000 brand power adapters with counterfeit certification on the spot, involving a value of about 800,000. yuan.

At present, Zhang Mouqin and other 10 suspects have been criminally detained according to law for suspected counterfeiting of registered trademarks.

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