Power adapter product inspection method

Issue Time:2019-05-14
Do you know what are the inspection methods for electronic products? Let's take a look at the following by Shenzhen Lianyunda Xiaobian.

1. Sampling inspection: Sampling inspection is a widely used inspection method in production. In the mass production process of electronic products, it is impossible and there is not much time for full inspection. Usually, several samples are taken from the product to be inspected for inspection, that is, sampling is performed.

Sampling should be carried out under the premise of mature product design, process specifications, stable equipment and reliable tooling. The number of samples taken should be determined according to the cardinality of the product to be inspected and the sampling standard in the national standard. Samples should not be taken from continuously produced products, but should be randomly selected from the batch. The results of the random inspection shall be recorded, and the faults in the sampling products shall be judged against the relevant product failure judgment standards.

2, full inspection: full inspection is to test all products. Full inspection can improve the reliability of the product, but it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources and increase the production cost of the product. Generally, only products with high reliability requirements such as military products, prototype products, and products produced after production conditions and production process changes are fully inspected. The quality of electronic products is judged by the level of common product qualification (AQL). For products with different quality requirements, the quality indicators are also different. The inspection should be based on the number of A and B faults allowed under the specified AQL value of the product under inspection.

A qualified power adapter is subject to multiple inspections before it can be introduced to the market. Generally, the inspection work mainly refers to full-time inspection, that is, the full-time personnel of the quality management department of the power adapter manufacturer according to the corresponding technical documents.

The power products produced by Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. have undergone strict quality inspection from production to shipment, and always adhere to solid materials, only to do quality power, and strive to deliver high-quality, zero-defect products to customers. 

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