Safe travel, when to replace the electric car battery?

Issue Time:2019-05-14
We all know that the battery is the core component of the electric car. If you use the brand's power adapter to charge, the battery maintenance is good, the life can be extended, and the battery life and safety will be better. However, most people's electric vehicle batteries generally can't last for too long. At this time, the battery needs to be replaced to ensure the battery life and safety. So what are the "signals" of the battery before it is on the verge of retirement?

For old lead-acid batteries, the typical life expectancy is 1-2 years. If it has reached the 2-year period or exceeds the use for 2 years, the lead-acid battery will be close to the edge of scrapping. After the launch of the new national standard, more lithium batteries may appear in the future, which will last longer than lead-acid batteries.

For those who often use the charging pile "fast charge", the use of fast charge can indeed charge a lot of power in the case of charging for less than ten minutes and less than half an hour, but in the long run, the battery will also be damaged. When you find that your electric car battery has been bulging, "short circuit, damage to the casing, etc., you must quickly replace the battery."

There is also a case where when you charge or ride an electric car, you find that the battery of the electric car has a serious heat, or the battery that is not charged or charged. At this time, there is a possibility that the battery of the electric car is short-circuited or the line is faulty. If the repair does not improve, you need to replace the battery.

In the summer, the weather is getting hot. When you charge the electric car, you must choose the power adapter produced by the regular power adapter manufacturer. At the same time, pay attention to the charging time and battery loss, and safety first.

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