How to modify the power adapter voltage?

Issue Time:2019-05-14
A power adapter is an interface converter and a hardware interface device. Its main function is to connect hardware or electronic interfaces with other hardware or electronic interfaces and use them as information interfaces. The power of the power adapter on the market is fixed. It is not easy to change it. This article will introduce a method to convert the 19V power adapter into a 12V power supply. It is very helpful for newcomers with certain basic power. Carry out ideas development.

The 19 volt power adapter wants to be retrofitted to a 12 volt supply, and buck is definitely the preferred method. But in fact, there are more than one way to transform.

Method 1: Using YDS312, the efficiency is high;

Method 2: Use a TL431 or 13V voltage regulator tube and 2N3055/3DD15 to form a 12V voltage regulator circuit;

Method 3: Open the cover of the 19V power supply (the early one is screwed, it is well opened), in its secondary TL431 constitutes the drop sampling circuit, the voltage sampling resistance is reduced (can be replaced by the trimmer potentiometer), adjusted to 12V can;

Method 4: After using 7812 two parallels, step down the 12V power supply to 12V, the classic circuit;

In simple terms, when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the surface temperature of the heat sink is less than 55 degrees Celsius, and the heat resistance of the heat sink is also checked. If this is complicated, it requires more professional knowledge.

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