Can the notebook power adapter be burned?

Issue Time:2019-05-15
The notebook's power adapter is broken and can be repaired. However, since the notebook's power adapter is usually ultrasonically bonded and does not have a nut to fix the outer casing, the outer casing cannot be restored after being disassembled, which may affect normal use when used. of. There are certain security risks. Therefore, repair is not recommended, but it is replaced directly.

When you replace the notebook adapter, you need to pay attention to it. First, try to choose the original model adapter of the original manufacturer. If you can't find the original model, try to choose the original adapter. When using other brands to replace, you must pay attention to three factors, one is the output voltage; the second is the output current; the third is the rated power. These three powers must be the same, at least the first two should be the same, the latter one can be slightly larger than the original adapter.

The power supply has been changed, so that it will not cost off if other hardware is burned. The long-term load of the power supply is too large. It is recommended to buy a good, high-powered power supply.

The adapter is only for one year warranty. As for dust removal, all brands are not provided with free dust removal after sale, and all charges are required.

During the warranty service period, you can see if he has any services that are not charged. Of course, the adapter is broken, it is necessary to give money, as for the dust removal should not be charged! If the motherboard circuit problem burned out, fix 100, specifically which chip is burned, then look at the motherboard.

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