Starting school "class teacher" fraud, have you recruited?

Issue Time:2019-05-15
The annual school season has arrived, and all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have also started school. In order to better understand the children's situation, parents have added class teacher WeChat. However, some parents found that the overtime supervisor did not take long to receive the school information sent by the class teacher. When they clicked in, they would download the app. After downloading, they found that their bank card money had been transferred. Why is this happening? The following Shenzhen Lianyun Da Xiaobian will give you analysis and analysis.

The reason why the scammer lets you download the app is because the app has a Trojan virus that can remotely control your phone. The so-called "death" is not really a crash, but a liar does not want you to see that he is turning your money away. Therefore, APPs that don't know where to come should not download them easily. Parents should learn from the official channels announced by the school or contact the school directly. Pay attention to the information source, do not click on the unknown network link.

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