Why does China lead the evolution of smart home industry?

Issue Time:2019-05-15
The overlord of the home appliance industry has always been Japan, but now, China has emerged as a vane in the global home appliance industry. At the same time, domestic appliance makers also want to share a piece of cake, and began to carefully layout the field of smart home. Similarly, China has sufficient resources to plan and layout the business form of smart homes, regardless of overall market demand and innovation drive.

The rapid development of China's economy has made the middle class and the affluent population increase year by year. Their demands for quality of life are constantly improving. They have a natural desire to innovate, which makes the smart home a huge The market development space, while waiting for a group of early smart home service providers to inject sufficient development momentum into the entire industry.

After more than ten years, the carrying capacity of this smart home is constantly improving. The development of smart homes has also turned from negative to positive. Some old smart home service providers such as UMC have begun to completely reverse the form and establish Your own industry status. Looking at the large-scale Internet companies, they are eager to break into the smart home market. The data forecast that the market size of China's smart homes will exceed 350 billion yuan in 2020. The huge market size gives enough space for smart homes. This is unmatched by any other country.

The level of domestic scientific research and technology has made great progress, and it has gradually moved toward technological innovation and the era of participation of all the people. This is a major opportunity for smart homes and high-end intelligent products. A number of smart home service providers such as Fengtang IOT are also eager to try and provide products to domestic and foreign intelligent product providers to meet the needs of users.

From the perspective of earlier development, China’s time to start smarter than the Western home is slightly less, and it seems to be moving in step. However, it is a slow half-shoot, so that a large number of Chinese smart home industry participants and shapers such as Fengtang IOT can fully grasp the pulse and development trend of the market, and the emergence of high-tech, let domestic enterprises have old Technology can make radical improvements and innovations.

In China, thousands of companies have joined the smart home product technology research and development and application, bringing a spring blossom to China's smart home industry. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is not to be outdone. The company gathers 30 experienced R&D teams, has perfect professional production technology, advanced production equipment, and uses quality to do every customer.

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