Georgia Georgia power adapter custom manufacturers

Issue Time:2019-05-16
Professional power adapter manufacturer - Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics, service area in Georgia: Atlanta, Macon, Shawana

Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

Energy saving and environmental protection, high work efficiency, long service life, safe and stable performance, high-quality power adapter products, choose Lianyunda Electronics!

When a defective product is presented in the production, the traditional practice is that the operator stops rework or scraps the non-conforming product, so that the treatment of the symptoms is not a cure, and similar problems will be presented repeatedly. Today, Xiaobian and everyone share how the Lianyunda switching power supply manufacturers correctly handle defective products.

Of course, first of all, the disposal of defective products will never be complicated. For the defective products produced in the production process, Lianyunda Electronics will be selected by the employees of the production line inspection, and then placed in the defective product waiting area, and the on-site quality engineer will analyze the defective products, and analyze the bad causes for the bad batches. After that, the work guide is issued by the technology, and the production line is repaired, and the quality and production line need to be recognized. Secondly, in the production, abnormal conditions are found to be urgently disposed of, and the defective products are killed in the "cradle"; finally, the standardization operation is strictly performed. The point is that the key to standardization is implementation.

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