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Issue Time:2019-05-21
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

The Unicom power adapter has a wide range of applications, fine workmanship, over-voltage, over-current standard design, safety and stability, real materials, quality and quantity, so that you can use more confidence.

The newly purchased power adapter input current is larger than the original one. Can it be used?

Notebook power adapter, the original input current is 1.5A, the new input current is 2.4A, the other parameters are the same, so use?

Can be used, no problem. For the power supply, generally, when the output voltage is the same, the output current can be replaced by a small output current, and if the output current is small, the output current cannot be replaced. This is because, after replacing the power supply with a larger output current, the load of the power supply becomes smaller, the heat generation of the power supply becomes smaller, and the reliability is improved. If the power supply of the original design specification is replaced with a smaller current, Then the load of this power supply will be higher than the original, the heat will increase, and the reliability will decrease.

Can be used, because the power that your notebook can drag determines the power consumption of the power supply, even if you use 2.4A power supply, but your notebook can only drag to 1.5A current work, the remaining current can be retained On the power supply, this has a better guarantee of the life of the power supply!

Power adapter, the input current is different, can the output be used?

The power adapter itself has different input currents and the same output voltage can be used. The power adapter itself has different input currents and can only indicate the power. To output the same voltage and current are OK!

If your original adapter is the original manufacturer, then the voltage is the same, the current can be replaced by a small current, and vice versa.

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