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Issue Time:2019-05-23
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Intermodal power adapter, in line with environmental protection requirements, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, fine crafts, carefully do each power supply products, welcome to the factory to check!

Is short circuit of the switching power supply causing a fire?

"Last year, a short circuit of suspected electric blankets caught fire. A fire broke out in a private residence in Guihuagang, Liuhua Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. A 80-year-old man living alone was killed." This is a news about the short circuit of electrical appliances causing fire.

When we sighed that the fire was ruthless, we also warned that all kinds of electrical appliances around us should be operated correctly to avoid another fire. In recent years, fires have occurred due to various improper operations. Not only other electrical appliances, but also a short circuit when the switching power supply may cause a fire.

The switching power supply is internally short-circuited. Under normal circumstances, it will not catch fire, but the internal capacitor is also exploding. Usually, be careful not to get any iron filings or copper chips to go inside! Those things will fall into it. Destruction of the power supply, or fire, especially in the summer, the temperature rises, and it is very dangerous if it is not properly operated.

Shenzhen Lianyun up to switching power supply manufacturers, the production of various switching power supplies, including power adapters and chargers, can be customized according to customer needs, and strive to give customers the best service and the highest quality. The material is the best in the industry, with good heat and fire resistance, and can isolate various short-circuit fires.

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