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Issue Time:2019-05-23
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

Intermodal power adapter, in line with environmental protection requirements, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, fine crafts, carefully do each power supply products, welcome to the factory to check!

Consumers can hardly distinguish their quality when purchasing a power adapter, but you can pay attention to the following points:

(1) Preferred products that have been certified by “CCC”, if possible, check the authenticity and validity of their certificates on relevant websites.

(2) Check the identity of the power adapter. Qualified products must contain information such as the rated input voltage or rated voltage range, the nature of the power supply, safety instructions, etc. Consumers should not purchase power adapter products with full foreign language identification.

(3) Select the power adapter that matches the machine. Before purchasing the power adapter, you need to know the basic information such as the electrical parameters of the whole machine used with it, and the output voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the whole machine.

(4) Check the plug and connector of the power adapter. Loose interface will make the current received by the whole machine unstable, and it may form a large instantaneous current, which will cause damage to the whole machine. If the interface is too tight, it will not be easy to insert or remove the interface.

Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 15 R&D teams headed by power experts with more than ten years of experience in switching power supply design. It has strong new product development and rapid response capability, and continues and tracks the advanced design concepts of international power companies. In response to the problems of product matching at home and abroad, following the development of new international power supply technologies, we have launched a variety of power supply and charger products that meet the needs of customers, safe, stable, reliable and energy-saving.

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