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Issue Time:2019-05-24
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What issues should I pay attention to when maintaining the power adapter?

Nowadays, the application of batteries is everywhere in our lives. Therefore, the power adapter has become an indispensable role in our lives. However, we often encounter such problems, the power adapter is hot, and the power adapter Can't charge the battery, the power adapter will not be used for a long time, and so on. Here are some questions you need to pay attention to when using:

1. Anti-cold and heat-proof. Do not place the power adapter in an area where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic components, destroy power adapters, and deform or melt some plastic parts. Also do not store the power adapter in a cold place. When the power adapter is operating in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture is formed in the power adapter, destroying the board.

2, waterproof and moisture-proof. As an electronic product, accidentally entering the water or exposing it to humid air when not in use for a long time will cause various degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components.

3. Put static electricity during cleaning. Clean the power adapter and charging interface regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. Do not use a dry cloth (electrostatic charge).

4, anti-drop and shockproof. The mobile phone power adapter is actually a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand the beating. In particular, prevent accidental landing during use. Do not throw, knock or shake the power adapter. Rough handling of the power adapter can damage the internal board.

5, anti-strength chemical products. Do not use a strong chemical, detergent or strong detergent to clean the power adapter. Remove the appearance of the power adapter. Use a cotton dampened with a small amount of absolute alcohol.

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