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Issue Time:2019-05-24
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Do you have to use a power adapter for your monitor?
My monitor is the Great Wall Z96. The adapter that I used to use has been changed some time ago. It is 12V4.16A, and then I changed it to 12V5A, but I often have the phenomenon of jumping screen, but I can’t find it before. The same adapter, can you not use that, directly wired to the computer?

The display does not have to be a power adapter. Only the original old LCD monitor and some of the few brands of liquid crystal displays currently require a power adapter. At present, the mainstream liquid crystal display integrates a switching power supply circuit, and does not need to be separately configured with a power adapter.

The use of a switching power supply circuit has the following advantages:

1. No need for a separate power adapter, saving space and time for production and transportation.

2. The power supply is more stable.

3. Production costs have dropped.

4, saves the user's space, and the appearance is also more beautiful because of the lack of a black tail.

From the point of view of the phenomenon, your adapter should be unstable voltage or insufficient power. It is best to change a better adapter. Don't be cheap.

Is the LCD monitor connected to the power adapter?
No, now the LCD monitor is directly connected to the power supply, and the notebook is a power adapter. LCD monitors must be connected to the power adapter, but some are built-in and some are external, the built-in power cord is OK, the external power cord is plugged in together.

Is the LCD monitor with a power adapter good or not?
Personally think that they are all the same, with or without watching everyone's preferences, as long as the quality of the display, the power adapter circuit is external or built-in form-free display.

The external power adapter is convenient when repairing the adapter, and can be directly replaced; the power adapter circuit is integrated into the display. If the adapter circuit is broken, the monitor needs to be turned on to be repaired. Regardless of whether it is an external power adapter or a built-in power adapter circuit, it is always sent for repair. Therefore, there is basically no relationship between external and built-in users.

Unless you buy a monitor for your own hands-on repair or if the monitor is of unqualified quality and you can be sure that the correct part is the power adapter circuit, it is recommended to have a power adapter. Because, on the one hand, the power adapter circuit is external, there is no interference to the internal circuit of the display, which reduces the factors that cause inexplicable problems. On the other hand, it is convenient to repair it yourself, and it is better to replace it. Otherwise, internal and external. The power adapter circuit does not make a substantial difference to you.

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