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Issue Time:2019-06-05
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

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Generally speaking, the true no-load voltage of a common power adapter is not necessarily the same as the nominal voltage. Because the characteristics of electronic components cannot be completely consistent, there is a certain error. The smaller the error, the higher the consistency requirement for electronic components. The cost of production is high, so the price is more expensive. Then what are the reasons for the power adapter burnout? Shenzhen Intermodal Xiaobian compiled the following points.

1, non-standard power plug
The power adapter is divided into two types: the household single-phase power plug is grounded and the pole and the ground are two ways. When one latch plug and socket is electrically plugged, other bolts are inaccessible. Looking at the discovery, the latch's appearance is long and the latch is too long to be charged with the danger of being added, during the cooperation process by the user's presence. In addition, the shape of the power plug does not meet the needs of more plug-and-sockets used in China is not complete, it is very simple to cause electric shock.

2, the product symbol is incomplete or not standard
The label should include one of the fundamental ways to properly install and properly guide the user's important information to indicate the symbol of the item to ensure the user's personal and industrial safety. The identification requirements label should not be dropped. After normal use, it should be cleaned and the content clearly identifiable. The simplified Chinese product symbol for the sale of goods should include the following information: the name of the manufacturer or distributor, the trademark or identification symbol, the type code or standard type, the nature of the power supply, and the size of the additional power supply voltage. If the information is incomplete, it will not correctly guide consumers to use, and some will even misuse and harm their cooperative electronic devices, a question together, our country's symbol, title or trademark, type code or type standard.

3, heating under normal operating conditions, does not meet the demand
The power adapter under normal operating conditions, when the temperature rises too high is a question of all over, as the leading IT supplier Compaq Computer Corporation, Apple Computer announced the scale, laptop AC adapter, adapter may be due to operating temperature, abbreviated In the event of a fire hazard, the automatic recovery and replacement of the power adapter is on.
4. Goods that are dangerous in short-circuit and overload safety functions
Short-circuit output short-circuit conditions, some other capacitors or diodes, the internal losses in the power adapter are sharply added, resulting in the rise of some of the temperature rise. The design and use of electronic circuits should ensure that under abnormal conditions and fault conditions, some of the temperature rise of the goods cannot exceed the requirements of the rules, and even the surrounding items cannot be fire-damaged. The power adapter may damage the underlying condition, but You cannot drop the functionality of a security device.

The power adapter is a 3C-certified product. The structure design of the product is unreasonable, cutting corners and saving costs, which is also an important reason for some goods. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on high-quality switching power supply R&D and manufacturing, with strong strength and security!

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