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Issue Time:2019-06-06
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to doing a good job in power supply products, and sincerely welcomes customers to contact us by phone or email.

Intermodal power adapter, high efficiency and intelligence, wide compatibility, intelligent charging, multiple intelligent security protection settings, high product reliability, green, durable, quality guaranteed, more assured.

- Mini-USB: generally used in digital cameras, digital video cameras, measuring instruments, mobile hard drives, etc.

At present, the motherboard generally adopts a control chipset supporting USB function, and a USB interface socket is also installed on the motherboard, and in addition to the socket of the backboard, a USB pin is reserved on the motherboard, which can be connected to the front of the chassis through a connection. As a front USB interface for ease of use (note that you should carefully read the motherboard manual and connect as shown in the wiring, do not connect the wrong and make the equipment damaged). Moreover, the USB interface can also realize two-machine interconnection through a dedicated USB connection line, and can expand more interfaces through the Hub.

USB has fast transmission speed (USB1.1 is 12Mbps, USB2.0 is 480Mbps), easy to use, support hot swap, flexible connection, independent power supply, etc., can connect mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, flash drive , MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, external optical floppy drives, USB network cards, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem, etc., almost all external devices.

There are two common types of main connectors for power adapters:
1. Serial interface The serial interface, referred to as the serial port, which is the COM interface, is an extended interface using the serial communication protocol. The serial port appeared around 1980, the data transmission rate is 115kbps ~ 230kbps, the serial port is generally used to connect the mouse and external modem and old-fashioned cameras and tablets, and some new motherboards have begun to cancel the interface.

2. The parallel interface, referred to as the parallel port, that is, the LPT interface, is an extended interface using a parallel communication protocol. The data transmission rate of the parallel port is 8 times faster than the serial port, and the data transmission rate of the standard parallel port is 1 Mbps, which is generally used to connect printers, scanners, and the like. Therefore, the parallel port is also called the print port.

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