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Issue Time:2019-06-10
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How to extend the life of the power adapter?

Power adapters, everyone must be familiar with it, it can be said that all aspects of our lives, and we are inseparable. Without it, our lives will be greatly affected. This is often the case. When I go out because I forgot to bring the source adapter, my laptop can't be opened without power, I can't receive information from the outside world, and I miss a lot of important things.

Therefore, the power adapter plays such a vital role in our daily life. We must not let us pay attention to it. Moreover, when it is used, the correctness of the method also affects the service life of the battery. We know that correct and reasonable charging can increase the service life of the power adapter. Without knowing the method, charging it indiscriminately will shorten the service life of the power adapter. So, how to use the power adapter is correct?

1. Do not exceed the charging time. When the battery is charging, we should pay attention to observe the traffic lights or the battery full mark. Do not charge the battery indefinitely. If the charging time is too long, it will affect the battery life and cause regret.

2. Do not use excessive current for charging. When a large current is charged, heat is generated, and the temperature of the battery is too high. Too high a temperature is very harmful to the service life of the battery, which greatly reduces the service life of the battery. Therefore, when charging, Use a small current to extend battery life.

The use of the power adapter charger, in the daily charging, we need to do our best to extend the battery life and save energy.

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