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Issue Time:2019-06-12
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

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Which power adapters can be mixed in life?
There is no power in the mobile phone or tablet, but what about the power adapter that does not have a response? At this time, many friends will look for a friend's mobile phone charger or other device's power adapter instead of charging. So, is this safe and unsafe? Will this damage the tablet hardware or the explosion of the adapter? I believe many of my friends are very concerned about this issue. Today, Shenzhen Intermodal Electronics will talk about it.

Under normal circumstances, different output voltage devices must not be mixed with the adapter, so be sure to pay attention. And if the power adapter is also nominally 5V, the output current is different. The basic principle of use is that a large nominal current source can replace a small nominal current source. For example, we often use the iPad adapter to charge the Iphone, and even found that charging is faster.

Many users will find that a large nominal current source will burn out the host because the current is too large. But in fact, how much current is at the same voltage depends on the load, which is the working condition of the tablet. When the tablet is running at high load, the current increases, and when the tablet enters standby, the current is smaller. A large nominal current supply has sufficient current margin to prevent overheating or low output voltage after replacing the small nominal current supply.

On the other hand, can the small current power adapter be a large current input? For some devices with overload protection, this charging is no problem, but the company recommends that the small current power adapter should not be used for high current input. Affected, on the other hand, this may also be overloaded, causing the adapter to not work properly.

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