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Issue Time:2019-06-12
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

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What is the difference between the five-level energy efficiency and the sixth-level energy efficiency of the power adapter?
We know that in Europe and the United States, power adapters and other products are required to meet the six-level energy efficiency standards. At present, the power products of Intermodal Electronics have all reached the sixth-level energy efficiency. So what is the difference between the six energy efficiency and the five energy efficiency?

First point, standby air consumption

Five-level energy efficiency conventional low power standby (no load) <0.3W

Six-level energy efficiency conventional low power standby (no load) <0.1W

Second, power efficiency

The five-level energy efficiency is lower than the sixth-level energy efficiency, which is basically 5% difference.

  at the same time

PSR customer group concerns:

1 cost requirements are very sensitive

2 dynamic response speed is not very strict

3 voltage point flow accuracy requirements are not very high

Some of the main applications:

Emergency lighting, constant voltage constant current low P intelligent dimming light (bulb light), small appliance control panel, etc.

SSR's customer group focus:

1 more stable than the cost of the product

2 dynamic response speed requirements are high

3 voltage and current accuracy requirements are high

Some of the main applications:

Set-top boxes, routers, speaker power supplies, products with motors (humidifiers, massagers, fire-fighting equipment, monitoring equipment), etc.

As people's requirements for green environmental protection are getting higher and higher, six-level energy-efficient power supply is driven by the general trend. Constantly improving the quality and safety of power adapters and working efficiency are the eternal pursuit of power adapter manufacturers.

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