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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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What is the role of the resistor in the power adapter?
Electronic engineers have learned the basic role of resistors, which are used as voltage dividers, shunts, and load resistors in power adapter circuits. Together with capacitors, they can be used to form filters and delay circuits, used in power circuits or control circuits. Sampling resistor; used as a bias resistor in the semiconductor tube circuit to determine the operating point; use special-purpose resistors such as varistor, thermistor to achieve surge voltage and suppress inrush current. Realize over temperature protection.

Resistance is very important for the power supply, so what can be done specifically?

1. For current loops when bridging
When the ground plane is divided, the shortest return path of the signal is broken. At this time, the signal loop has to be detoured to form a large loop area, and the influence of the electric field and the magnetic field becomes strong, which is easy to interfere and be disturbed. By connecting the O resistor across the partition, a shorter return path can be provided to reduce interference.

2. Configure the circuit
Generally, there should be no jumpers or dip switches on the product. Sometimes the user will tamper with the settings, which may cause misunderstanding. In order to reduce the maintenance cost, the O-ohm resistor is used instead of the jumper to solder on the board. The vacant jumper is equivalent to the antenna at high frequencies, and the chip resistor is better.

In addition, the resistor can also be debugged during wiring; it can be used as a jumper; it can also be used when measuring the current consumption of some circuits. In short, the resistance is widely used as an electronic engineer in the power adapter circuit. use.

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