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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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Demystifying why the battery will age
The aging of the battery inevitably begins at the moment it is produced, and the process is irreversible. We all know that the capacity of the battery will increase and decrease with the use of time, then what is the process? Then the power adapter manufacturer will come to reveal it for everyone.

Assuming that the battery capacity drops by more than 1/3, it will be scrapped. For a lithium-ion battery, if you buy it, it will be scrapped one day. Under normal conditions of use, it has only a few years of life; if you are a digital madman, let it work overload, then its life may not be able to reach two years. Because the work of the battery is a chemical reaction process, consumption is inevitable. After all, no chemical reaction can exist in an ideal state, which will result in the loss of energy and the formation of some extra substances, as well as the reactions carried out in the battery.

As battery life increases, the path of lithium ion flow is blocked by increasing obstacles until the battery is completely reimbursed. This substance that collects on the battery electrodes directly leads to a decrease in battery stability. The process refers to the process in which the negative electrode of the battery gradually deteriorates in thousands of chemical changes. The lithium compound constituting the negative electrode continuously absorbs and releases lithium ions in a chemical reaction, and its own structure also changes, resulting in difficulty in ion exchange. To make a common analogy, it is like a kitchen rag. After many washings and wringing, it becomes ruined and finally loses its function as a rag.

Although batteries on the market today are not effective in suppressing this aging process. But this does not mean that there is no solution, just because consumers do not want to spend too much money on the purchase of batteries, so battery manufacturers can only rely on the principle of low cost. Market demand determines product performance. Consumers don't want the price of the battery to be too expensive, but they are required to be as small as possible and as long as possible. In desperation, this can only sacrifice the life of the battery. Therefore, the market is now full of cheap, compact, long standby, but short life battery. Power adapter manufacturers believe that this may be the reason why the "explosive machine" incident often occurs.

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