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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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What are the dangers that can occur with the power adapter?
We know that most of the time, most power adapters are safe and reliable, otherwise we don't dare to charge them on the bed every night. But many things are not absolute. Although the power adapter looks honest and reliable, it sometimes causes danger. In particular, there are many poor quality power supplies on the market. So what are the dangers that can occur with the power adapter?

The miniaturization trend of the mobile phone power adapter is very obvious. Compared with the traditional big-headed transformer, the current power adapter uses a switching power supply instead, and is replaced by a very small-sized high-frequency transformer, and some of the better chargers are also used. With output feedback, the output feedback is mostly through optocouplers and other devices. The value here shows that whether it is a high-frequency transformer or an optocoupler feedback, one is electromagnetic isolation, one is optically isolated, and there is no electrical connection. Even if the transformer or other components burn out, the 220V power supply will not be stringed to the mobile phone under normal conditions. Come. In the case of an electrocution, the most likely condition is that the charger is flooded and the circuit is shorted.

The power adapter is damaged, the most is the two cases, the first one is the explosion capacitor, this movement is relatively large, because it is the switching voltage regulation, once this part of the circuit has a problem, the voltage is not normal, the most direct is the explosion capacitance. The second is the explosion transformer, which is mostly caused by the load. Due to the virtual standard of most power adapters, most of them have no feedback and protection circuits, and the transformer explosion is very common. As long as there is no water and no damage, these two are generally not too dangerous for people, but because of the miniaturization of many chargers, the high voltage and low voltage are very close, many chargers have sufficient physical isolation, and a capacitor is used. Energy can easily cause misalignment and adhesion of components inside, posing a hazard.

The power adapter does not have to buy the original, but you must buy genuine. The technical difficulty of the power adapter itself is not large, the biggest factor of restriction is the cost, and the current virtual standard is almost the commonality of all the cottage chargers, which is also the source of danger. As long as consumers are not cheap, manufacturers do not conscience, then our charging security can be guaranteed.

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