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Issue Time:2019-06-12
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

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Finishing the items today, inadvertently flipping out many old and old power adapters, their quality is still good, but it has already been eliminated by the times, which can not help but remind me of some memories of the past. We have experienced the gradual popularization of mobile phones and the rapid replacement. In fact, with the replacement of mobile phones, power adapters have been changing.

At the earliest, I had a name in my impression: universal charger, which must be removed before the battery can be recharged, and the battery contacts are inevitably worn out, so the battery life will be reduced.

Then came the miniUSB charger and Nokia's round charger, after which the shape of the charger was basically fixed. But the internal circuit and charging line interface of the charger has been changing. Then there was the microUS charger, which is commonly used on Android phones. The microUSB charging cable already has the function of transmitting data.

Later, the Type-C power adapter and Apple's lightiing power adapter appeared. The chargers of the two connectors not only changed the shortcomings of the previous charger, but also charged on any side, and the charging speed was greatly improved. The battery can be fully charged in an hour, and the speed of data transmission is also greatly improved compared with the microUS power adapter.

Finally, it is also the most cutting-edge technology. There have been wireless chargers and fast charging. The speed and method of charging have changed dramatically. Although wireless chargers are not yet popular, its emergence has undoubtedly brought the mobile phone charging field once. A new revolution. Although the performance of the current wireless charger is still very weak, with the further development, it will eventually replace the ordinary power adapter.

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