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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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Power adapter ripple measurement
Basic requirements: AC oscilloscope AC coupling, 20MHz bandwidth limit, unplug the probe ground

1, AC coupling is to remove the superimposed DC voltage to get an accurate waveform.

2, open the 20MHz bandwidth limit is to prevent high-frequency noise interference, to prevent the detection of erroneous results. Because the high frequency component has a large amplitude, it should be removed when measuring.

3. Unplug the grounding clamp of the oscilloscope probe and measure it with a grounding ring to reduce interference. Many departments do not have a grounding ring and measure directly with the grounding clamp of the probe if the error allows. However, this factor should be considered when judging eligibility.

4. Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter existing in the grid, and also hinder the clutter generated by the machine from being fed back to the public grid.

5, rectification and filtering: the grid AC power adapter is directly rectified into a smoother DC power for the next level of transformation.

6, inverter: the rectified DC power into high frequency AC, which is the core part of the high frequency switching power adapter, the higher the frequency, the smaller the ratio of volume, weight and output power.

7, output rectification and filtering: according to the needs of the load, provide a stable and reliable DC power adapter.

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