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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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The power adapter is a kind of safety isolating transformer. At present, many electrical products and information technology equipment use this method to supply power to the appliance. If the power adapter is not working under rated conditions, long-term severe overload will cause serious safety hazards.

At present, the misuse of power adapters in electrical products is very common. There are generally three situations: First, there are loopholes in the management of the manufacturer. When the motor power used by the appliance is adjusted, the power adapter is not replaced accordingly. Second, in order to reduce production costs, the power adapters are only cheap and do not need to be matched. Third, when consumers replace the power adapter, they often only pay attention to the specifications of the output voltage, and do not carefully understand whether it matches the rated input current of the appliance.

Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds household appliance manufacturers and consumers that for the safety of you and others, when producing electrical products and purchasing power adapters, you must carefully check the rated input current on the appliance and the rating of the power adapter provided. Whether the output currents match to avoid unnecessary damage.

The power adapter is a safety isolating transformer. According to the relevant national and international standards (GB13028, IEC61558) of the safety isolating transformer, the rated input voltage, the nature of the power supply, the rated output voltage, the rated output current, and the nature of the power supply should be identified on the power adapter. The power adapter should be used normally under these rated conditions. Similarly, the type test certification of the power adapter is also based on the rated value of the adapter identification, so it is safe to use a certified power adapter under rated conditions.

However, if the power adapter is not used under rated conditions, it may cause electrical accidents or even personal injury.

1. Because the designed power adapter has lower rated current and less heat, the enameled wire used may have lower insulation level. In actual use, because the working current is larger than the design value, the heat will exceed the design value due to long-term overheating. The insulation performance of the enameled wire insulation layer is drastically reduced, which is likely to cause electrical accidents.

2. Due to the overloaded state of the appliance, the temperature rise of the adapter bobbin may be too high, even exceeding the allowable range of the standard, resulting in deformation of the adapter bobbin skeleton, reducing the clearance and creepage distance between the primary and secondary, and even serious Causes a primary and secondary short circuit, and when the user accidentally touches the secondary of the power adapter, it will cause electric shock damage and even cause a tragedy of personal death. Mismatched power adapters may also make the appliance work properly, but the damage is great.

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