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Issue Time:2019-06-15
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to doing a good job in power supply products, and sincerely welcomes customers to contact us by phone or email.

The Unicom power adapter has a wide range of applications, fine workmanship, over-voltage, over-current standard design, safety and stability, real materials, quality and quantity, so that you can use more confidence.

The power supply with the same nominal voltage has different output currents and can be used in the same notebook. The basic principle is that a large nominal current source can replace a small nominal current source. Some friends have misunderstood that the power of the large nominal current will burn out the notebook because the current is large. In fact, the current is mainly at the same voltage, depending on the load, that is, the working condition of the notebook. When the notebook is running at a high load, the current is larger, and when the notebook enters standby, the current is smaller, and the current is equal to the notebook. The voltage on the board is divided by the equivalent resistance of the notebook.

A large nominal current supply has sufficient current margin to prevent overheating or low output voltage after replacing the small nominal current supply. Conversely, the use of a small current source instead of a large current source presents the above risks. However, some friends use 58w power instead of 73w to use it. The reason is that the design of the power adapter usually has a certain margin, and the load power is less than the power supply. Therefore, this replacement is feasible in general use. , but the remaining power supply margin is very small.

Once the notebook is connected to a lot of peripherals, such as two USB hard drives, then the CPU runs at full speed, and then there is a base, it is dangerous to read the disk at full speed, and it is dangerous to charge the battery at the same time. The power is not already ready to cook eggs. 72w more than the 56w adapter 16w is to cope with this situation. Therefore, it is best not to use a small current source instead of a high current source.

If you want to be small, then you need to test the current consumption of the notebook when you have the conditions. Only a few simple things like sockets, plugs, ammeters, wires, and soldering irons are required to complete the test. Of course, if the test results are displayed within the nominal current of the power adapter, then it is safe.

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