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Issue Time:2019-06-15
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Power adapter features
1. Small size and light weight. The switching power adapter does not use a bulky power frequency transformer. Since the power dissipation on the switching MOS tube is greatly reduced, a large heat sink is omitted. For these two reasons, the switching power adapter is small in size and light in weight.

2. Low power consumption and high efficiency. In the switching power adapter circuit, the switching MOS transistor is excited under the excitation signal, and it alternately operates in the on-off and off-on-conduction state, the conversion speed is fast, the frequency is generally above 50 kHz, in some advanced switches. In the power line, it can be hundreds or nearly mega Hz. This makes the power consumption of the switching MOS transistor small, the efficiency of the power supply can be greatly improved, and the efficiency can reach 90%.

3. The efficiency of filtering is greatly improved, so that the capacity and volume of the filter capacitor are greatly reduced. The operating frequency of the switching power adapter is basically working above 50kHz, which is more than 1000 times that of the linear regulated power adapter. This makes the filtering efficiency after rectification almost 1000 times. Even after half-wave rectification and capacitor filtering, The efficiency has also increased by 500 times. At the same ripple output voltage, when using a switching power supply, the capacity of the filter capacitor is only 1/500 to 1/1000 of the filter capacitor in the linear regulated power supply.

4. Wide voltage regulation range. The output voltage of the switching power adapter is regulated by the duty cycle of the excitation signal, and the change in the input signal voltage can be compensated by frequency modulation or widening. In this way, when the voltage of the power frequency grid changes greatly, it can still ensure a relatively stable output voltage. Therefore, the switching power supply adapter has a wide voltage regulation range and the voltage regulation effect is very good. In addition, methods for changing the duty ratio include pulse width modulation type and frequency modulation type. The switching regulator power supply not only has the advantage of wide voltage regulation range, but also has many methods for realizing voltage regulation. Designers can flexibly select various types of switching power supply integrated circuit chip solutions according to the requirements of practical applications.

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