The difference between ordinary power supply and special power supply

Issue Time:2019-06-26
General power supply is subdivided into: switch power supply, inverter power supply, AC power supply, DC power supply, DC/DC power supply, communication power supply, module power supply, frequency conversion power supply, UPS power supply, EPS emergency power supply, purification power supply, PC power supply, rectifier power supply, customization Power supply, heating power supply, welding power supply / arc power supply, electroplating power supply, network power supply, power operation power supply, adapter power supply, power controller / drive, power supply, other common power supply, inverter power supply, parameter power supply, voltage regulating power supply, Transformer power supply And ...

Special power supply is subdivided into: shore power supply, security power supply, high voltage power supply, power adapter, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply, and other special power supply.

Special power sources are special types of power sources. The so-called special is mainly due to the fact that the technical specifications for measuring power supplies are different from those for commonly used power supplies. Their main requirements are that the output voltage is particularly high, the output current is particularly large, or the stability, dynamic response, and ripple requirements are particularly high. Or the voltage or current required to output the power supply is a pulse or some other requirement. This makes the design and production of such power supplies have more special or even stricter requirements than ordinary power supplies. Special power sources are generally designed for special loads or occasions, and their applications are very extensive. Mainly: electroplating electrolysis, anodizing, induction heating, medical equipment, power operation, power testing, environmental dust removal, air purification, food sterilization, laser infrared, photoelectric display and so on. In national defense and military affairs, special power supplies are more irreplaceable for ordinary power supplies. They are mainly used for radar navigation, high-energy physics, plasma physics, and nuclear technology research.

Connect to reach medical power supply, select high-quality core, intelligent IC, improve security performance, protect your love machine in all directions, foot safety flow, safety and stability, provide long-term output voltage for various equipment, good power supply is selected.

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