Power Adapter Solution & Manufacturing
Factory introduction
LYD is a professional factory that specializes in the design and manufacture of any related electronic and switching power supplies. In order to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and product services, and let LYD provide all the product requirements beyond the existing standard units you purchase from us, if you have any requirements for OEM projects, please do not wish to contact us directly. Contact to save you time looking for other suppliers and enhance our mutual cooperation and future development. We can work with you to complete all planned projects and design them from the very beginning of the project to suit your equipment. Therefore, we will provide you with closer service in OEM support, and we will visit you to help understand if necessary.
Reduce the cost and risk of your business
LYD has a quality manufacturing facility
Strong R&D lineup
LYD has 5 engineers with experienced product design experience to meet ODM and OEM cases.
a sufficient and complete product line
You can expand your sales market in all areas of information, medical and industrial.
Fast, flexible and enthusiastic
LYD is a customer-oriented company that meets all your needs for power.
Quality product quality
LYD has comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, complete supply chain management and follow-up product maintenance guarantees
Let power drive power
Every order of our company is from our customers.
  • Therefore, we must ask us to make every assignment, we must first consider how to make our customers satisfied.
  • For the customer's commitment, we must go all out, only to communicate with customers beforehand.
  • After the customer service is done in order to improve customer satisfaction, the order can be sourced continuously, and the company can continue to grow and continue to operate.
LYD Excellence Products
We must provide our customers with a valuable product.
  • Both the cost and the quality of the product must be balanced. Therefore, the process should be continuously improved to ensure that the customer's expectations are met.
  • Since quality is the lifeblood of products, cost is the competitiveness of products. Every job must be done once and not repeated.
  • Heavy labor unions increase costs, make people bored, waste resources, make quality unstable, and make customers complain;
  • LYD reviews the relevance and effectiveness of the quality management system through regular reviews to ensure a commitment to continuous product improvement.
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