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The founder of the company focuses on the realization of customer needs in the product design and development technology market.Chief Engineer 30 R&D Experience People R&D Team

LYD has acquired the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained dozens of patents for inventions in the R& D of products , such as utility model patent and appearance patent. Currently, LYD's power supply are widely applied in LED Lighting, communication, home appliances, monitoring, medical equipment, audio, Unmanned aerial vehicle, robot, 3D printer, massage chair, and automation etc. LYD can provide personal customization (OEM/OEM) service according to customer's requirement,
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LYD is a professional factory that specializes in the design and manufacture of any related electronic and switching power supplies. In order to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and product services, and l et LYD provide all the product requirements beyond the existing standard units you purchase from us, if you have any requirements for OEM projects, please do not wish to contact us directly. Contact to save you time looking for other suppliers and enhance our mutual cooperation and future development. We can work with you to complete all planned projects and design them from the very beginning of the project to suit your equipment. Therefore, we will provide you with closer service in OEM support, and we will visit you to help understand if necessary.

We participated in the development of more potential products and formed a very strong engineering team to handle all OEM projects. Their engineers selected from the existing design team to our OEM service team, they have in the past several OEM project areas. There are also enough years of experience. In addition, we work with experienced buyers to obtain cheaper materials, but with higher quality, and we have established a supply chain with material suppliers and offer the advantage of reducing production costs in China. In the process of cooperation, we will also Assign a senior salesperson to communicate better with you and provide a positive and quick response. If you have any new projects, please contact us first.
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