Power Adapter Solution & Manufacturing
Medical industry solutions
Nowadays, the medical and beauty industry is developing rapidly, and various advanced medical device products have been introduced. When the medical instruments are inspected, they will directly contact the human body, causing interference and influence on the running equipment and personnel under certain conditions. harm. This has become more and more demanding on the performance of the instrument itself, and has also attracted much attention to human safety. In order to eliminate this hidden danger, Unicom Medical Power has emerged to meet the needs of specific medical applications.
The medical power produced by Lianyunda uses intelligent IC and EMC solutions.
  • EMC solutions.
  • The protection function is perfect,
  • Stable performance,
  • long lasting,
  • Good heat dissipation,
  • To ensure the heat dissipation performance of the product,
  • Improve product durability.
Handheld medical device / home medical instrument, it is recommended to use USB interface medical charger / fast charger;
Syringe pump / ECG, can use 15-30W medical power;
The ventilator is recommended to use a 60-90W medical power supply.

Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics engineers have been designing and developing high-performance power products for the medical industry. Our products have paved the way for the development of a variety of medical applications, including home care, diagnostic monitoring, medical imaging, and in vitro testing equipment.

We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide medical service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.