Power Adapter Solution & Manufacturing
Security monitoring industry solutions
Appease monitoring system equipment is very vulnerable to lightning and voltage damage. If the related electronic equipment is damaged, all functions of the security monitoring system will be partially or partially disabled.

The independent power supply mode and centralized power supply mode can be selected for the monitoring power supply mode. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The construction of independent power supply is troublesome, the profit is relatively low, and the exposed power supply is too much, which affects the overall appearance of the city. The pre-configuration of centralized power supply is more complicated and cumbersome. If the transmission distance of DC low-voltage power supply is too far, the voltage loss will be too high, resulting in poor anti-interference ability during current transmission. Choose the right power mode for your environment.

The power products produced by Lianyunda are full of power, intelligent IC management, with multiple protection functions, ensuring normal and stable operation of the equipment, strong anti-interference ability, wide application range and strong compatibility, and have a good experience in the appetite monitoring industry.