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Issue Time:2019-06-12
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What is the phenomenon that the power adapter is broken?
Although most power adapters are relatively reliable and durable, but for a long time, it will inevitably lead to some failures. If you suddenly find that the charging is not normal, then the power adapter may be broken. But the power supply is different from other objects. It is difficult to see the problem from the outside. What is the phenomenon that the power adapter is broken? How to judge? The joint transportation electronic to teach you some methods.

1. If the power adapter indicator is not lit or the computer is not connected to the computer, the computer is not connected, the computer cannot be turned on, etc., indicating that the adapter has a problem;

2, can not be used normally, charging can not be normal;

3. There is no reaction when plugged into the computer;

4. After the power is turned on, the heat is increased and the temperature is abnormal;

5. There is abnormal noise or noise when charging;

6. Use your laptop to look at other people's adapters to see if there are similar problems.

7. Try using your adapter with a battery of the same model.

8. The light does not light when charging, or does not turn the light all the time;

9. Put your battery on someone else's computer of the same model.

If it is judged by the above method that the power adapter is indeed broken, it is necessary to check and repair immediately. It is a trivial matter that it cannot work normally, and it is feared that the device will be burnt out.

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