Hamilton (Ontario) power adapter wholesale manufacturers

Issue Time:2019-06-13
Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

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There are two types of modern power adapters: one is a DC power adapter; the other is an AC adapter. The main introduction here is only the DC power adapter. Its function is to convert the original power supply (coarse electricity) with poor power quality, such as the mains power supply or the battery power supply, into a high-quality DC voltage (fine power) that meets the requirements of the equipment. .

The heart of the DC power adapter is the DC/DC converter. Therefore, the classification of DC power adapters is dependent on DC/DC converter classification. That is to say, the classification of the DC power adapter is basically the same as the classification of the DC/DC converter, and the classification of the DC/DC converter is basically the classification of the DC power adapter.

The power adapter is a power supply that uses modern power electronics technology to control the ratio of the turn-on and turn-off of the switching transistor to maintain a stable output voltage. The power adapter is generally controlled by a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and switching devices (MOSFET, BJT, etc.). The high frequency of the power adapter is the development direction. The high frequency makes the power adapter miniaturized, and the power adapter enters a wider range of applications, especially in the high-tech field, which promotes the miniaturization of high-tech products. Lightweight.

In addition, the development and application of power adapters are of great significance in terms of energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection. Especially in the high-tech field, the development of power adapters has been promoted, and the growth rate of more than two digits is moving toward light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-interference every year.

The cost of both power adapters and linear power supplies increases with increasing output power, but the growth rates vary. The linear power supply costs at a certain output power point, but is higher than the power adapter. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, the power adapter technology is constantly innovating, and this cost reversal point is increasingly moving to the low output power end, which provides a wide space for development of the power adapter. The high frequency of the power adapter is the direction of its development.

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